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Dental Braces in St. Louis, MO

Restore your confidence and bring back your smile by coming to our office for teeth-straightening dental braces. At our patient-oriented company, we are dedicated to helping you get your teeth into proper alignment. Whether you have an overbite, underbite, or any other dental problem, the braces dentist at our practice can provide for the custom-fitted braces that you require. Don’t let crooked teeth cause you pain and keep you from enjoying eating and smiling. Take back your smile and dig into your food once again by letting our dental team put together a braces treatment that is right for you. We offer various types of braces, such as metal braces and clear braces.

Rely On Our Certified Braces Dentist For Your Dental Needs

Strong and healthy gums and teeth are vital to your overall body health. Take good care of them by trusting in our friendly and professional braces dentist to restore order to your mouth. Backed by a team of highly-qualified assistants, our dentist has the skills and expertise to beautifully redesign your smile. We are also equipped with the latest dental technology to make your service run smoothly. Stop hiding your smile in pictures and show off your pearly whites to all of your friends and family.

Develop a Dazzling Smile with Our Detailed Braces Treatment

Do you suffer from consistent jaw pain or constantly get food stuck in your teeth? These could be signs that you need a thorough braces treatment. In many cases, the need for braces is evident.

Teeth that are too far apart, too crowded, or positioned crookedly require this type of treatment to sort them out. Speak with our attentive braces dentist to determine if you would benefit from our specialized treatment. 

Imagine having a smile that turns heads as you walk by. With straight and orderly teeth, you get an instant boost of self-esteem and many future toothaches are avoided. Even though our traditional braces have to be worn for at least a couple of months, the benefits are endless.

Dental Braces in St. Louis, MO

Transform the Look of Your Teeth with Our Metal Braces

Take the first step toward getting the smile you have always wanted by scheduling an appointment to receive strong metal braces. These braces consist of brackets, an arch wire, and ligature elastic. By working together, these elements of your dental braces hold your teeth in place and restructure them into the correct position. All it takes is a brief period of wearing braces to enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth. Rest assured that our caring dentists will put on your metal equipment carefully and gently. We want to make your treatment as painless and stress-free as possible.

Enhance Your Quality of Life with Our Tradicional Braces

You only have one set of teeth so it is important that you treat them well. Our braces help bring your teeth back to their natural beauty and function so you can enjoy a healthy and happy life. Improve your dental health by signing up for our adult braces right away. Treatments are available for younger patients as well. Whether you order our youth or adult braces, expect to receive a high-quality treatment that gives you the look you desire.

Contact us to enhance the look of your teeth with our safe dental braces. We are proud to serve patients in St. Louis, Hazelwood, Florissant, Maryland Heights, and Clayton, MO.